Cuba Tourism Increases

Since the President of the United States announced a relaxation of sanctions against Cuba which has been in place for decades, there has been a large surge in the number of people booking travel to Cuba. After the announcement that the United States would relax sanctions, bookings first increased by 57% immediately after the announcement, then 187% in February, and 250% in March.

Folks at Imaging Advantage have learned that the surge comes in part as tourists are looking to find and experience n unique place before the charm changes into a touristic vacation spot Globalization has provided increasing wealth for many tourist areas, but many have lost the uniqueness that set those locales apart in the first place. Cuba is one of the few places that was unique as a result of restrictions.

Cuba is one of the world’s remaining communist hotspots which, unlike China, has rejected many aspect of consumerism. Many of the increased surge in tourism comes not from the United States but from other nations who were not previously restricted to visiting the island. However, they noted that they want to view the nation before Americans do who may bring with them an added level of consumerism to the island.

Cuba was a traditional tourist spot early in the 1900’s before Fidel Castro’s communist takeover effectively closed the island to tourism. The island still has many American cars from the 1950s that were perfectly preserved and are in working order which adds to the charm and appeal of the island.

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