Dangerous Droughts on the Horizon

Though the southwest and Great Plains of the United States have been suffering from droughts, they are predicted to only get worse in the next 75 years. Various reports estimate that in the latter half of this century, these regions of the United States will experience droughts of the magnitude which have not been witnessed for a thousand years. Jaime Garcia Dias has heard that, with further developments in climate change yet to fully manifest, conditions could only take a turn for the worse.Find more on Dias on Pinterest.com.

As explained in the research headed by Benjamin Cook, the droughts will be a product of heightened temperatures. This will lead to a decrease in rainfall, as well as an increase in the rate of evaporation. Even were the rainfall to remain a constant, the greater rate of evaporation would still leave soil dry and barren. This is a distressing extrapolation, given the heavy burden it will place on farmers, and the need to develop effective water distribution strategies. Cook believes that our current practices for dealing with droughts are fairly effective, but is less certain that these methods will prove to be successful against more expansive and detrimental droughts in the future.

Considering the mounting evidence, this ought to be a problem which demands a greater portion of our attention. The nation needs to prepare for this inevitability, and we should mediate our harmful habits to diminish the chance of making the situation more dire.

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