Dangerous Mile-Wide Tornado Hits North Texas

With the warmth of spring lingering, the prevalence of severe weather begins to show. Texas is known for its dangerous storms during the warm spring months, so another tornado should not be too surprising. However, the mile-wide tornado system that swept through the northern part of Texas proved to inform citizens just how dangerous these storms can get. Surrounding by extremely strong winds and damaging hail, the mile-wide tornado was caught on camera by amateur photographers. The array of damage is spread across the area, with many roads being closed due to the debris. Roofs were lifted, large trucks were overthrown, and many houses were destroyed during the storm. The scope of the damage is said to be thoroughly assessed on Monday due to the dangerous nature of the situation on Sunday night. This marks a devastating beginning to tornado season in Texas, which may cause citizens to better prepare for any future occurrences reports Susan McGalla.

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