Destruction by Mother Nature

Areas of Illinois, especially in Chicago, had to deal with destruction from a tornado on April 9, 2015. This storm caused a great deal of damage, and at least one person was killed during the storm. There were almost a dozen people who were injured. This is a time of the year when people need to be weather ready. A tornado can be hard to see if it is wrapped in rain, and there are some that touch down without any notice. Homes were destroyed in the area, and there were cars and trucks lifted like they were toys.


This storm shows the devastation that can occur with nature. Residents such as Crystal Hunt were walking along streets to survey the damage caused by the tornado through the night. Parts of the area were flattened. There is something to be learned with this storm in that you need to be prepared whenever there is the threat of any kind of severe weather. A plan needs to be in place, especially if you live in a mobile home.

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