Dick DeVos and Talking Freely

Dick DeVos is a man who is fully in control of himself at all times. He never loses himself even for a minute. He’s consistently the epitome of pure composure. Luckily enough, he’s married to a woman who is a lot like him as far as temperament goes. Betsy DeVos is always as cool as a cucumber. Their behaviors may just rub off on one another. They tied the knot decades and decades back, after all. Couples often start acting similarly after a while.


Dick DeVos used to be referred to as “Richard.” Dick is a simple nickname for the businessman. He’s an individual from the Midwest who knows a lot about how life works. He learned so much from watching his father. The older DeVos was a huge part of the business world in the United States long ago. Although he worked in the country years ago, his influence remains strong and tangible to this day. He was a huge factor in the establishment of the esteemed Amway Corporation. The Amway Corporation is and has long been a massive marketing staple in the United States. Dick DeVos himself operated as the Chief Executive Officer of the company starting in the nineties. His time with it was up in the 2000s. He enjoyed a superb experience with the business. He realized, however, that he needed to move on and go after other ventures and concepts. He did so by teaming up with the Windquest Group. This business has operations all around the United States.


DeVos has a lot of interest in all sorts of topics. He’s undeniably well-rounded. He has a penchant for American politics, first of all. He even has a penchant for aviation. Airplanes have been captivating DeVos for his entire life. He was captivated by planes when he was a little boy in the Midwest. He’s still captivated by them as a mature adult and father. What exactly did he do with his captivation? He made the choice to put together a charter school that’s referred to as the West Michigan Aviation Academy. This school is in laid-back Grand Rapids, Michigan. Its Grand Rapids locale is no ordinary one, though. It’s actually situated within the metropolis’ airport, fascinatingly enough. That’s the reason that travelers come across it all of the time. The students who go to the West Michigan Aviation Academy are serious about going into aviation after they graduate. They want to be hard-working pilots. They even want to be hard-working engineers. DeVos beams with pride any time he even thinks about them. Some of the students are so enamored by air travel that they regularly travel hours to get to the school from their distant homes.


DeVos and his wife discuss educational matters with significant frequency. Since Betsy is the United States’ devoted Secretary of Education, this makes full sense. DeVos loves hearing his wife’s insight with regard to the complex American educational system. He even likes giving her feedback when he can. They talk freely.


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