Sergio Cortes, State Health Secretary visited the areas most damaged by the massive flooding. Also, he toured shelters created for the displaced people as reported by extra.globo.com.
To cope with the flooding, the government has created a Dengue Fever Hydration facility in Xerém, which was opened at 3 pm on Sunday. The facility is equipped with a sitting capacity of 12 enabling it to serve a maximum of 300 people on a daily basis.


While addressing the media, Dr. Sergio Cortes stated that the government was prepared for the worst case scenario from the flooding, even though they were hoping for a better outcome. He has a range of experience in both private and public sector in the medical field as can you can see on LinkedIn. He further pledged that the government would work with the municipal leadership, to help remove the garbage that has accumulated to dangerous levels in the city, increasing the possibility of dengue mosquito thriving in the area.


During the visit, he met with the coordinator of the National Health Taskforce, Conceicao Mendonca and with the National Healthcare Taskforce head, Mr.Conceicao Mendonca, where they stated their willingness to send an extra calamity kit to Caxias. To cope with the spread of leptospirosis, they agreed to deliver an additional 3000 tablets in the area.


The (SES) State Department of Health from Thursday last week, has been taking a raft of measures aimed at stopping the spread of water diseases like hepatitis A, diarrhea and leptospirosis and dengue fever. Other epidemics that are easily spread in congested areas like meningitis and chickenpox, the government has created an action plan to deal with them too. To learn more about what the government is doing, you can follow Dr.Sergio Cortes on Twitter.


In gauging the scale of the problem, a study was done to measure the quality of the drinking water in Xelem by the Central Laboratory (lacen). Results of the study showed that the water samples collected in seven shelters the State Department of Health were highly contaminated. To deal with the current challenges the government has promised to give 10,000 bottles of sodium hypocrite in the area.

Sergio Cortes has been pleading with people of goodwill to ensure that as they give food stuff and shelter to the people affected by the flooding, they also give bottled water.

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