Driverless Cars Soon Will Be Available

It’s always been the topic of jokes for Ray Lane and the creation of television and movies, but now, Lane is mesmerized by the thought that driver-less cars may become a reality. Just around Christmas of last year, the first prototype for the driver-less car was unveiled. Now there are many such cars being tested on the roads this month. Jeffrey Owens, Chief Technology Officer for Delphi Automotive said, so far, the self-driving car has been tested on California roads and he plans to have the car tested on treacherous roads and in all types of weather conditions as soon this coming Sunday at the Golden Gate Bridge. Delphi’s PLC driver-less car is expected to be able to handle highway merges, 4-way stops,Traveling time will be quicker because the car will use the fastest routes to get to your destination.and go around bicyclists without the guidance of a driver.
The aspect of the driverless car is interesting to those who are nervous when they get behind the wheel. There are good and bad aspects in driving a driver-less car.On the upside, you can do anything you want, such as sleep, eat, or text as the car takes you wherever you want to go.
On the downside, computers and mechanical parts can have problems. You will still have breakdowns and tire blow outs. The car will have its limitations, requiring the driver to step in and take over control.


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