Dumpling Maker Skyrockets Sales Using JD.Com Big Data, Platform

On just one day (June 1), the 300 million active users on the Chinese e-commerce giant JD.Com bought 47 tons of zongi. What is zongi? It’s a delicious dumpling made from rice and wrapped in a bamboo leaf.

Zongi is sometimes called the “Chinese Tamale.” Among the most popular makers of this delicacy is Wu Fang Zhai, a company that has gained enormous cache for their delicious version of zongi.

Wu Fang Zhai teamed up with JD.Com (also known as Jingdong) to launch sales of their product into a new stratosphere. Thanks to the unparalleled access JD.Com offers to deep inroads within the Chinese market, sales of zongi have increased for Wu Fang Zhai by an astounding average of 120% per year.

One of the driving factors behind these numbers are Jingdong’s marketing insights made possible by their “big data” capabilities. By careful examination of the numbers, Wu Fang Zhai has been able to tailor-make and highly refine key aspects of their food products to fit the needs of specific groups of people. It’s a prime example of JD’s powerful C2M model (Consumer-to-Manufacturer model).

An example of such an adjustment is the flavor mix of zongi. For example, northern Chinese residents prefer a sweet-style zongi meat while people in the south favor a more salty mixture. But it gets even more complicated than that. As it turns out, JD.Com data revealed that an increasing number of southern Chinese people are moving to northern regions. The ability to pinpoint and follow these kinds of trends allows a company to react and adjust their offerings based on solid knowledge not guesswork

Another key area in which JD.Com market insights helped the giant dumpling seller involved the packaging. Reacting to information gleaned from customer response and other indicators, JD recommended that Wu Zang Zhai update its normal paper box to a larger and heavier box made from bamboo. The bottom line is, the heavier box just seemed more impressive to buyers – and so they bought more.

Wu Zang Zhai has been partnering with Jingdong since 2015 and company officials look forward to many more years of cooperation.

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