Eric Pulier, One of the Brightest Entrepreneurial Minds, Shares About vAtomic and Personal Life

Eric Pulier’s talents, expertise, interests, and careers are many and diverse. As young as he is, he has invested, owned, and managed startup firms, such as Media Platform, US Interactive, and ServiceMesh among a bunch of others. His new invention, vAtomic Systems, has brought with it a lot of excitement in the world of technology. Eric Pulier is what we would call a serial entrepreneur. Eric Pulier is also a tech guru in his right, a published author, a respected public speaker, an opinion leader, and columnist. A resident of Los Angeles in California, Pulier has been involved in many philanthropic undertakings in the region and beyond. Some of the organizations he associates with include The Painted Turtle and the XPRIZE Foundation.


On April 12, this year, Ideamensch caught up with the sensational youthful American and featured him in an interview. He highlighted some of the known and unknown particulars about him, both in his personal life and in his career journey.


How vAtomic was Born


Asked of where the idea of coming up with vAtomic Systems originated from, Eric quoted some of the recent technological advancements as some of his motivating factors. Inventions such as Uber, he said, have revolutionized the transportation sector within a short time. He likened vAtomic Systems to inventions such as Uber, saying that macro elements are potential economy determiners.


Pulier’s Daily Routine


Despite having a busy schedule, Eric always sets aside time to rest and time to be with his family. He told Ideamensch that his four kids who occupy much of his time in the evenings and the morning when preparing for school. Eric is an early riser, a routine he developed so as to create time for his other passion- reading. He further said that he prefers to work with a schedule and that he tries as much as possible to adhere to the plan.


Incubating Ideas


For his ideas to materialize, Eric Pullier starts by noting them down and then letting them sink in. He then outsources for motivation and inspiration so as to expand the idea, and keeps a record of all these in writing. Eric prefers to incubate an idea for sometimes so that it can mature in his mind before letting it out.


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