Ethics to Writing Wikipedia Entries

Wiki creation is home to one of the most comprehensive sources of information on the entire internet. The website, an open source encyclopedia, has been in operation for over 12 years and it has changed the way people look for information in the real world. Wikipedia has an important mission statement: to supply visitors with unbiased and accurate information with updates coming in real time. In order to keep up with the constantly evolving nature of real time information Wikipedia has had to hire on a volunteer staff. Volunteers are held to a high standard and this is particularly true when it comes to keeping their ethics straight when writing content for the website.

How to ethically add content to Wikipedia.
In order to become an ethical contributor to Wikipedia, users must first familiarize themselves with what it is that Wikipedia expects of them. Being a volunteer position there is the prevailing thought that users don’t need to adhere to rules because they aren’t getting paid. This is false. In order for Wikipedia to maintain their status as a reputable source of information, all content must be carefully curated. This means that every addition to the encyclopedia will be checked and double checked, no matter how minute.

So in order to stay ethical users must familiarize themselves with the Wikipedia Manual of Style. This Manual of Style will detail the very clear lines of thought that keep the website functioning at a high level. Users will learn about the Neutral Point of View (NPOV) rule, how to format, and what is expected of them in regards to citations. The Manual of Style is dense and it goes through just about every topic that could ever come up while working on the encyclopedia, so users are heavily suggested to bookmark and refer to the page as often as necessary.

The Notability Policy.
For Wikipedia editors the hardest rule seems to be the Notability Policy. Wikipedia is not a compendium for every piece of information possible. Instead, Wikipedia only wants content added to the website that is deemed notable enough for inclusion. This rule is prevalent because many Wikipedia editors want to add themselves or their personal relationships to the website. Instead, these users should look to companies like Get Your Wiki to perform the job. Get Your Wiki is a website that complies with all Wikipedia rules and regulations while also guaranteeing the addition of a page to the encyclopedia.

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