Excelling in the Arts: The Academy of Art University

In 1929 Richard S. Stephens opened the Academy of Advertising Art in San Francisco, California. He had a vision for a school that would teach skills to aspiring designers and artists that would allow them to work in their chosen field, regardless of previous art training. Stephens original school has since morphed into the Academy of Art University, an art and design school which is privately owned. Since 1929, the school has grown to over 12,000 students. It also boasts an impressive collection of Oscar-nominated alumni.


One such alumnus is Daniel Arriaga. Arriaga led a team of artists who created the images for the Oscar-winning film, “CoCo”. “CoCo” won the 2018 Oscar for Best Animated Feature, beating out other films with Academy of Art University alumni involvement, such as “Boss Baby” and “Ferdinand”. Arriaga had a personal interest in this film, as it is based on his cultural heritage. This helped him lead a team of artists to create a visually appealing and emotionally stunning film.


While “CoCo” may be the most widely known recent Oscar winner, the Academy of Art University has a wide array of Oscar-nominated work from other alumni. Just for 2018 Oscar-nominated films, they had alumni who worked on blockbuster films such as “Beauty and the Beast”, “Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2”, “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”, and more. Their student’s success and talent are evidenced by their large number of nominated films.


While the Oscars is an easy measure of success, The Academy of Art University boasts many other alumni who have had success. Their alumni have gone on to design video games, advertising, act, design architecture, create fine art, design fashion, web design, and so much more! The impact of their artists can be seen all around us in film and media, as well as advertising and fashion. There is no doubt that the Academy of Art University is the place to go for those who want to seek a fulfilling and successful creative career.


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