Expert analysts Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is among the elite reporters in Brazil with expertise and real-world experience in the sectors he reports. Having a unique perspective in the area of infrastructure affords Felipe the ability to formulate great insight and fact revealing reports.

It was reported by Mr. Jens the huge R$44 billion economic stimulus initiative to formulate many projects and create thousands of jobs. These funds were used to develop over 50 projects across 20 plus sectors. Felipe reported these projects are to include job creations as a result of road work projects, airport projects, ports and the selling of various government ran organizations. These projects are plans for laying -and improving roadways totaling over 800 kilometers, which significantly improve the movement goods throughout Brazil. Read more about Montoro Jens at

Belo Horizonte is the place of Felipe’s report, where he shared the success of the public lighting project. The project is projected to be completed by 2020, and when completed will have completed the upgrade of all the public lights in the city, totaling an astounding 182,000 lights to LED lights. An LED light is much more efficient than traditional lighting, and this project is reported to save millions over the years.

The Light Rail in the state of Bahia is reported by Felipe to be implementing a major project to expand and upgrade the route. Felipe reported this rail system will cover 19 miles and will enhance the lives of over 1.5 million Brazilians. The LRV network includes 21 stops and will create jobs until its projected date of completion in 20131. Felipe also reported on the construction of four new prisons located Maranhao state planned by a coalition of public and private partners.

Mr. Montoro also reported on a vast infrastructure project in Piaui state, which will bring high-speed internet access. This internet upgrade project will include the implementation of fiber optic infrastructure to over 1,500 access points.




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