FAA Cracks Down on Drone Owners

The FAA doesn’t want your to post footage you shot on your drone on YouTube. The FAA reported contacted one drone hobbying and suggested that since he was posting the videos he records with his drone on YouTube he was flying the drone as a commercial product rather than a consumer one. Drones are currently often prohibited for commercial use in the United States and require together regulations than drones that has just used by hobbyists.

The hobbyist, Jayson Hanes, isn’t exactly sure what made the FAA single him out. According to Zeca Oliveira, Haynes currently doesn’t have any ads on his videos on YouTube, a fact that means he also isn’t making any money off them. Even if he did have ads on the videos, there’s no real requirement for YouTube creators to cash those funds out, so he could still not really be making any money.

There are currently thousands of drone videos up on YouTube. It’ll be interesting to see if the fAA continues to call out individual owners, and if they start to put regulations in place for does and does not constitute commercial use of the aircraft.

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