FAA Makes It Easier To Own Drones

The FAA has been really cautious when it comes to drones. The agency notoriously put a lot of rules in place regarding the unmanned flying devices, but now it looks like it’s lifting a few of those more difficult ones. Specifically, it’s allowing individuals to get permits to fly their own drones. Previously pretty hard to get, now people with a drone that weighs 55 pounds or less can score permission from the FAA to fly their drones how they please, as long as they never get any higher than 200 feet.

While that means huge things for your average drone lover, it could also have an impact on the types of things we might see drones do in the future stated Jason Halpern. Giving drones the leeway to fly could open us up to drone delivery services similar to Amazon Prime Air, which has currently been slowed down by the lack of ability to get approval from the FAA.

The days of the drones are definitely upon us. It’ll be interesting to see what the new FAA regulations mean for the drone industry as a whole, and whether we’ll see more of the devices flying around in the future.

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