Final 100 Candidate Speaks Out Against Mars One

Mars One is planning to send colonists to the red planet in just a few years. They have narrowed their field of candidates down to the final 100 and are preparing to start testing them and their abilities to get that number down to the 24 that will be sent. Now one of the finalists is speaking out against the non-profit and the way that they are going about the selection process.

In an article that can be seen here Joseph Roche, an assistant professor at Trinity College Dublin, claims that finalists are encouraged to donate 75% of their earnings from public appearances to the group. Brian Torchin suggests that he goes on to say that visibility of the candidates on the Mars One website is tied to their purchases and earnings. This leads to those that make the most being the frontrunners instead of the ones that are most qualified.

Roche fears that the mission will never take place, or even worse, will end in disaster. He feels that this could cause people to lose faith in the space efforts currently underway around the world or even in scientists in general. Holding a PhD in Physics and Astrophysics himself, that is something that he does not think that he could face if he were a part of it.

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