From Humble Beginnings To Being The CEO of One of The US’ Largest Corporations

US Money Reserve CEO, Angela Koch, is the only high profile female in the precious metal sector today, having worked dedicatedly to rise to that noble position. Angela oversees all the aspects of operation at the US Money Reserve, including setting pace and culture for the organization. For many years now, the organization has enabled countless people to make decisions concerning investing in precious metals such as platinum silver and gold.

Angela doesn’t take the position of CEO lightly, but she has a strong belief in taking care of employees and nurturing them to grow in their professional and personal lives. Her road to becoming a CEO for one of the US’ crucial organizations is rather unconventional but encouraging. Angela was forced to drop out of college after marrying her ex-husband and delivering her first child

At the time of meeting her now ex-husband, he was a golf pro and he was teaching golf classes and Angela had to figure out how she was going to pay her bills. She started taking several jobs and made a point of learning something from every job she did. She worked in electrical companies and pharmacies, before working for a Jewish Foundation. Read more: US Money Reserve | Glassdoor and US Money Reserve | BBB

After leaving the foundation, she joined KLA –Tencor- a distinguished leader in process control management. The firm has been utilizing sophisticated inspection tools, computational analytics, and metrology systems. Here, Angela worked in the strategic business development department, which handled acquisitions and merger planning sessions.

She later joined US Money Reserve and she continued working for the organization soaring her way to the position of CEO. She leveraged her experience to help the organization build an effective system and also helped the organization to integrate everything with its system. As Angela continues to steer the organization to success, she focuses on several things to aid her through. For instance, she doesn’t look back while making decisions and she strives to know who she is, her strengths and what she can do to maximize those strengths. She believes that there is no excuse for failure and that excuses don’t create successful empires.

About US Money Reserve

US Money Reserve is a distributor of platinum, silver and gold coins that are issued by the US government. It is one of the country’s trusted and credible platform for purchasing and selling precious metals.

The company exists to provide clients with exceptional customer service. It further provides clients with unique precious coins that they ultimately can’t get from most precious coins dealers.

Approved by the congress, US Money Reserve has a qualified team that is dedicated to helping clients pick the most perfect precious metal for their investment needs. The company is trusted by more than 500,000 clients and the figure is still counting.

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