GCPS and Aaron Lupuloff are changing the public education system one step at a time

In the past 200 years, the world has made great strides in reducing illiteracy, especially the United states. However, one needs to keep in mind that the measurement of literacy has not been the same across the world. Standardized tests, for example, were considered the most accurate measurement of intellect and were widely used in the United States. However, now America is moving away from standardized tests and this transition is considered one of the most significant educational history.

This transition was not only triggered by the dissatisfaction of students but the increasing need to find a metric that evaluates different types of learning, measures creativity and fosters growth. This forces us to ask the question that are standardized tests actually helping or just serve to demotivate students and make them unnecessarily competitive. Additionally, standardized tests are not ideal for kids with disabilities or those who learn differently.

According to business.com, many schools are moving away from standardized testing and adopting more enriching ways of testing. However, for this change to occur, proper funding is needed. This is where organizations like the Gwinnett County Public Schools come in. Supported by parents and local community members, this organization helps integrate new educational programs into schools.

The Gwinnett County Public Schools has four main goals- provide funding, maintain high standards of education, listen to students/parents, and to increase resources for future growth. The GCPS organization is led by a group of highly qualified executives.

Good public education helps bolster Georgia’s economy. Research conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research suggested that a more holistic approach towards learning and testing can significantly boost the economy and increase the GDP of the country by almost 15%.

One individual that has made huge strides towards these educational goals is Aaron Lupuloff- the Senior Executive Director of GCPS. He has continued to support the Gwinnet County through his community service work and affiliation with local community organizations such as Camp Twin Lakes, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, and Partners Against Domestic Violence.

Apart from his philanthropic endeavors, Aaron also has strong financial management. He has held held high managerial positions at organizations such as JP Morgan, Bear Sterns, and Raymond James. His abilities and contributions towards the GCPS organization are improving the educational system and providing children new opportunities despite the national school funding shortcomings. To see more about Aaron you can visit gwinnettdailypost.com


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