George Soros, Donald Trump & The Ferguson Protests

It seems like there is a seminal moment for every generation when it comes to the fight for equality and justice. For many younger adults that moment came in 2014 in the city of Ferguson, MO. Michael Brown was an unarmed man who was shot to death by a police officer named Darren Wilson. The case immediately grabbed nationwide attention as the case further highlighted the issue of police brutality toward minorities. Protesters hit the streets to march, speak their mind, and push for justice and an inquiry. The protests captivated the nation and they couldn’t have happened without a man named George Soros. Learn more about George at Biography.

George Soros is an activist, philanthropist, and billionaire progressive activist. His work has come under an increasingly stronger microscope because he is one of the few billionaires out there actively fighting for justice and equality at all levels. Soros isn’t a household name among most people but then again, he doesn’t have to be — his work stands for itself. Where does George Soros come into play in terms of the Ferguson protests? Well, it all goes back to his philanthropic arm — the Open Society Foundations.

The Open Society Foundations has worked closely with grassroots activists all around the world for the better part of the past 30 years. During that time span the OSF has donated nearly $12 billion to these activists in order to help promote social justice, equality, transparent government and more. In the year leading up to the 2014 Ferguson Protests the Open Society Foundation had donated nearly $33 million to established groups within the area. This money went straight into organizing and networking the protests that would capture the nation’s attention. Visit to know more about George.

The American political machine has grown increasingly clunky as of late with a more rigorous stress test than it is probably used to. The election campaign of Donald Trump put several things into motion that will surprise most people. Perhaps the most impacting of those things is the return of George Soros to the political realm. George Soros had largely been staying out of the public spotlight but the rise of Trump, the degeneration of national discourse, and the reality of a Trump-dominated Presidency spurred him into action.

George Soros has done it all throughout his career in politics. He has worked closely with presidential candidates and he has done his best to make sure that progressive policies are pushed going forward. When Soros saw how popular Trump was becoming, he knew that he had to act. Soros jumped full tilt into the 2016 Presidential Election by donating nearly $25 million to progressive and Democratic candidates. His effort helped to ignite a late push for progressives around the country.

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