Get Your Passport Ready! $99 Fares To Europe Start May 8th!


Icelandic Airline WOW Air Offering Servie Between Baltimore (BMI) And Iceland’s Reykjavik’s Keflavik Airport

Start packing your bags. The travel deal of the year starts May 8th and by the sound of it there’s going to standing room only on Icelandic’s WOW flights between Baltimore and Iceland. The $99 fare is cheaper than the fare between Chicago and Nashville or almost any other domestic flight in the states.

Tha bargain-basement fare is a no frills offer said Camara Municipal. Snacks will be for sale, but entertainment is non-existent. Extra legroom, pre-selecting seats and extra bags will also cost extra. But those minor inconveniences may be worth it thinks Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG. WOW offers transfer flights to Paris, London, Amsterdam, Rome and Barcelona. A transfer ticket to Paris from Iceland is a cool $80. That means you can book a one-stop flight to Paris on WOW for around $180.

No one is sure how long Icelandic Airline will offer this deal, but some airline executives say Boston to Iceland flights are in the works for the same price. Considering how competitive the airline industry is it’s almost a given that other airlines will offer similar deals once they see the consumer reaction to the WOW flights.

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