Glen Wakeman is a Mover and Shaker in the World of Business

Glen Wakeman is co-founder and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. The company is an SAAS (Software as a Service) and it was established in 2015.. LaunchPad offers a software system that is fully automated. The software allows entrepreneurs to take their ideas and put them into a workable and realistic plan. Wakeman is a 1981 graduate of the University of Scranton with a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Finance and Economics. He went on to attend the University of Chicago and graduated in 1993 with a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

After completing his education, Glen took on employment challenges that encompassed profit and loss (P&L) and business development at several companies including GE Capital. While at GE Capital Wakeman was recognized by the company’s Board of Directors as a role model regarding Growth Leadership. He also established Nova Four, a business accelerator that provides access to capital, as well as strategic advice to developing companies.

Mr. Wakeman is always willing to share his thoughts and business insights through his writing. Glen authors regular blog posts regarding business administration and management, emerging markets and international fiscal matters. Glen Wakeman is always willing to provide mentorship and share his advisory experience to start-up companies such as Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees. Part of his business passion is executive development, innovation and company growth.



Mr. Wakeman has been successful working with businesses with $15 billion in managed assets and more than 17,000 staff members to help companies grow and become successful. He has been the guiding hand behind start-ups, divestitures, new market entries and mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

Wakeman has developed three strategies that have proven to be very successful, for him and others who employ those strategies. They include risk management, leadership, human capital, governance and leadership.

He has received significant international recognition for his work on a global basis. He has lived and worked in six different countries and managed business operations in more than 30 worldwide regions. This has given Wakeman valuable insight into International business as he is able to apply local knowledge to any business situation.

Glen Wakeman has a great deal of experience in financial services, as well as management. He is a small business owner and understands what it takes to get a germ of an idea off the ground and turn it into a successful business venture.


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