Graham Edwards, CEO of Telereal Trillium, Expounding His Expertise

The Center for Policy Studies launched a New Generation initiative with the aim of providing an avenue for new policy thinking and faces. It was launched in November 2017, where it is expected to address the needs and the aspirations of voters as well as offer a bright future. This initiative comprises of four major policy programs that will minister to the specific areas in the lives and the futures of the individuals. These key areas are tax & cost of living, housing & planning, welfare, and business & enterprise. The intention of these is to ensure that people will receive authentic ownership and control over their lives. Alex Morton is the overseer of the four policies. Graham Edwards is expected to join as the chair of the Housing Policy Group and a research fellow at CPS. He is currently the chief executive officer at Telereal Trillium. Telereal Trillium is a major privately owned property firm in the United Kingdom. Graham Edwards Telereal will work closely with the house experts in developing policies that will turnaround the homeownership and housebuilding structures.

Graham Edwards acquired his position as a chief executive officer at Telereal Trillium in 2001. Since then, the company has extensively grown to become a key market leader in investments and property outsourcing. He studied Economics at Cambridge University after which he later worked at Merrill Lynch Investment management as a fund manager. Edward is known to be a great investor and philanthropist with a variety of expertise in business especially in mining, real estate, and software development affairs. Apart from his involvement at Telereal Trillium Company, Edward is a servant of his community with profound roles. For example, he serves on board and committees such as Voice Europe, British Friends of the Hebrew University, and Portland Trust among others ( Edward is a member of the United Kingdom Society of Investment Professionals as well as a fellow of Royal Institute of Charted Surveyors. Under his leadership, Telereal Company has achieved much in devolvement of guiding business principles which has led to the great success of the company. Edward’s greatest involvement in the company is leading the negotiations that led to the acquisition of the Trillium from the Land Securities Group Inc. in 2009.


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