Gustavo Martinez Explains the Role Creativity Plays In The World Of Advertising

Gustavo Martinez has been revolutionizing the world of marketing and advertising for decades. He has helped fashion some of the most well-known advertisements of the past 35 years. He recently went in a new direction in the industry and is changing what it means to be an international ad firm.

His earliest positions in the industry were at Henkel and Price Waterhouse. His bosses saw that he was very talented and so he swiftly moved up the ladder. Before long he was the president of McCann World Group. He later joined the prestigious advertising firm Mather and Ogilvy as its president. The experience enabled him to take over at J. Walter Thompson Worldwide as the chief executive officer.

Gustavo Martinez decided to resign from this position so that he could pursue new challenges and ways of doing things. In a recent interview, he said that advertising is at its heart a creative pursuit. Advertising needs to send a clear message in a way that is compelling and attention-grabbing. Ads can’t just be pumped out of a factory, he stated.

Both advertising firms and the people who work for them need to be flexible. Gustavo Martinez says that people running ad firms not only expect but desire instability and consultants to have a maverick attitude. He calls this “applied artistry.” There’s a goal to get to when crafting an advertising campaign, but how you get there is through creativity and innovation, not following a bland and formulaic strategy.

He says there are, of course, business aspects to running an advertising firm. Gustavo Martinez knows this better than anyone having been a president and CEO in the industry. It’s raw creativity, though, that drives the industry. He says that the consultancy model is the best way of encouraging creativity and coming up with compelling advertising.

The advertising and marketing industry has been using consultants for a century, Gustavo Martinez reminded people during his interview. Consultants work at will, different than an employee does. True geniuses don’t adapt well to a 9 to 5 existence, rules, and regulations. If they’re treated like an employee they will chaff and go find work elsewhere. They need room and freedom to do their best work so telling them they need to show up every day will end badly, for example.

He is now a consultant himself. He partnered with an AI firm, Massive Digital Heights. This company developed AI that can quickly look through millions of online customer reviews. This information is sorted to provide struggling businesses with actionable items to turn things around. Gustavo Martinez says that it is his goal to provide companies of all sizes with the information they need to succeed in their marketing goals.


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