Harry Harrison: Tips For Entrepreneurs

Previously the leader of Barclays Non-Core based in London, Harry Harrison recently left his post of trading and investing, which he held for over 20 years. Now his life is filled with family, physical activities, such as golf and yoga, and consulting venture capitalist.

Harrison has learned what creates unique experiences are a combination of diverse knowledge, new ideas, coupled with various thoughts and opinions. He understands from his decades of experience that the banking industry has many innovative ideas. The new theories are out of the ordinary, but this is why they can create massive advancement if put into place. Companies that grab hold of the latest creations will emerge as the most efficient and sound.

Some tips Harrison can give to rising entrepreneurs is to handle events and disruptions as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you may end up with an endless list of things to do that probably could have been delegated or minimized at the beginning. The goal is to move ahead, and one clear way to do that is to organize projects into manageable pieces, and use a timeline to get them done.

If you are looking to grow the face of your company, a system that Harrison found to be useful was using innovation. This often meant going out on a limb and doing things that the marketplace had never seen before, but taking calculated risks can make your business the leader in its field. Communicating with staff members, managers, and other players in the field will also help you get ahead. This is something that Harrison admits he did not master until late in life, but new professionals should learn from him and work on their ability to communicate with others.

Along with tackling new work, Harry Harrison also advises taking time to stop and smell the roses. Grinding through employment and life to keep hitting goals is not necessarily the best way to live. Harrison recommends taking some time to do physical activities, meditate, and enjoy family and friends.

Harry Harrison continues to improve himself by reading, taking care of his health, and family. He is proud to practice what Carnegie Dale preaches, by noting that life’s real pleasures are enjoying what you have.

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