Hawks Under New Management

Businessman Bruce Levenson is a former Hawks Atlanta owner a family man and a philanthropist who lives in was born to a Jewish family in Washington DC but later moved to Chevy Chase, Maryland where he grew up. He has actively served as a Hawks representative into the NBA Board of Governors since he acquired the team in 2004. To add to this, he founded United Communication Group in 1977 as well as being a board member in the founding of Tec h Target, which has interests in it and media sector. Levenson is a scholar and a philanthropist who has supported many causes in North America. Levenson joined Washington University, St Louis and later joined American University Law School. While at the American University law school, He developed interest in journalism and started attending evening classes to make true one of his dreams, being a renowned reporter and writer. He completed his studies and got his first job in the journalism career with Washington Star, a local magazine.

Time’s Bruce Levenson had a childhood friend Ed Peskowitz, who they had even studied together in college. In 1977, they co-founded United Communication Group in Levenson’s apartment as the office in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The apartment was right above his father’s liquor store. The company started by publishing a newsletter named Oil Express, which informed on developments in the oil industry. UCG grew and expanded by acquiring other newsletters in the industry and went ahead to launch a database Price information service. Currently, the privately owned company specializes in new and analysis in healthcare, mortgage banking, energy industry, technology, telecommunications and data.
Levenson and Peskowitz were the majority owners of Atlanta Hawks that bought it in 2004 from Turner Broadcasting Corporation. They bought it as group Atlanta Hawks LLC alongside the rights to operate Philips Arena, a purchase that include Atlanta Thrashers basketball team which was sold in 2011. Being a professional basketball team that competed in the competitive league, it needed a good coach. Levenson hired Danny Ferry as the general manager and the president of basketball operations who will oversee the running of the team and Philips Arena. Prior to his appointment, Ferry had been a successful Cavaliers player, and when he quit, he became Cavaliers’ general manager as well as being the president of operations for San Antonio spurs. In 2014, Levenson felt the need to leave Hawks ownership and decided to sell his stake. Bids were submitted from prospective buyers, and one lucky group was successful to acquire the stake. Anthony Ressler’s group which includes a former NBA player Jesse Itzler and Grant hill. This was after negotiations that lead to striking of a deal to sell Hawks at $850 million, Levenson missing his target by $50,000. This was not bad after speculations sighted that the sale would be around $ 1billion.

Levenson is a philanthropist and is active in many causes which include Hoop dreams foundation that is based in Washington DC. He founded Holocaust Museum and has continued to support it through donations to support holocaust survivors. Levenson has three sons who with his beloved wife.

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