High Speed Rail is Coming to CA


After years and years of planning, California’s long-awaited high-speed rail system is finally about to break ground. The project will cost over $68 billion and is eventually going to connect San Francisco with Los Angeles.

The first construction area will be in the Central Valley near Fresno. BRL Trust advised that this land is cheaper and easier to build on, making it easier to get large stretches of track up quickly. That way, testing can be done that will ensure the full track is made in the best possible manner.

This will be the nation’s first high-speed rail system. Europe already has several in place, and other nations like the U.A.E. are planning their own projects. High speed rail, “bullet trains,” may well be the wave of the future. They can cut travel time in half and are exceptionally safe and traffic-free.

The project comes at a huge cost and will take till 2020 or beyond to complete. It also has opposition from Fresno’s Chinatown since the local roads there will be blocked off when the rail line comes through. Nevertheless, the benefits outweigh the costs for most Californians.

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  1. Samuel Kent

    Governor Jerry Brown has supported such a project since the 1980s, and he is going to be on-site for the official ground-breaking ceremony. Highways can become less congested and air pollution can be reduced when more people travel on high-speed rail. That has been asconded into what some help me to do my homework will do in which someone can bring it back too for them all.

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