How Alex Hern Wants To Change Board Rooms

The idea of virtual reality in the office is hard to understand. We don’t go to work to play games or entertain ourselves. For Alex Hern, virtual reality is the future of doing business. We’ll talk to each other and exchange ideas within a virtual world with the ease of real conversations. Many businesses today use messaging apps to communicate remotely, but something is lost in the process. You simply can’t talk with the same power when two people aren’t in the same room. With this new software, people will do just that. Read more about Alex Hern at

Virtual reality provides an experience you can’t have with any other form of media. Many people report their memories of virtual reality experiences are like parts of their actual life. Communicating with others through virtual reality apps will give businesses a new way to organize themselves. Most businesses need to keep their employees in the same building, but VR eliminates this burden. When we can talk to other people living in another state, all we’ll need are the VR headsets. Our boardrooms are going to be unrecognizable a decade from now. The relationship between co-workers and their desks will change as the office becomes virtual. Follow Alex Hern on Linkedin.

We already have examples of remote employment currently available. If virtual reality takes off, we’ll be able to further increase the availability of remote work. Alex Hern isn’t trying to push a gimmick the tech world is going to forget in a few years. Virtual reality is going to become more popular, and that popularity is going to change how we think about it. When smartphones were first released, nobody thought they would become important. Now, businesses use mobile apps for every aspect of their operations. Technology changes no matter what we try to do. All we can do is shape its trajectory.


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