How Isabel dos Santos Acquired Her Wealth

Becoming a billionaire requires hard work, and this is what Isabel dos Santos exactly did. She is the daughter of the former Angolan head of state who ruled the country for almost four decades. At a young age, Isabel dos Santos already have a goal in mind – she wanted to become successful, just like her father.

Her father sent her to the United Kingdom to study. This would enable her to receive the best education which can be an advantage once she grows up. When she was in college, she decided to take a degree in electrical engineering. She enrolled at the King’s College, where she would eventually meet her husband.

While she was in the United Kingdom, Isabel dos Santos decided to invest in European companies. Later on, she decided to return to Angola and help her father instead. As she came back to her homeland, her father gave her an assignment, which was to become a project manager at Urbana 2000.

Urbana 2000 was initiated by the Angolan government because of the rising number of people who are getting sick. The government believes that one of the reason why people are becoming sick is because of the dirty streets. They aim to disinfect the city, and in the end, it yielded results as the number of people getting sick in Luanda decreased significantly.

While staying in Angola, Isabel dos Santos decided to establish several businesses that will help her gain additional profit. One of the first businesses that she established was a trucking business, which aims to promote local trade. She also established a telecommunications company that will provide the people with a better communication infrastructures.

She also invested in the tourism industry, and opened the Miami Beach Club that is located at the heart of Luanda Island. Many tourists around the world heard about the club that she established, and most of the visitors enjoy the experience of staying inside the club and partying all night.

Her combined businesses and investments abroad enabled her to generate a $2 billion net worth, making her as the first female billionaire and the wealthiest woman in the African continent.

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