How Isabel dos Santos has Redefined Economic Sustainability in Angola

Isabel dos Santos is a popular figure in international economic forums. She is one of the professionals that have reshaped the global conversations on sustainability and more importantly — on poverty eradication measures. Isabel dos Santos is a believer in policies and more significantly better implementation of economic policies. Her journey signifies hard work, determination, and love for humanity.

Isabel dos Santos is a product of the best education systems in the world. Studying in Angola and then in Europe reshaped her view on life and more notably — the importance of good leadership. During her education journey, she interacted with children from around the world. She attributes these interactions to her global view on different factors (BBC).

Although she is from Angola, her global view is still unmatched —, especially on women empowerment. The exposure and socialization during her education life assisted Isabel dos Santos to set up some empowerment programs for women and young people in his native country.

Isabel dos Santos also has one of the best views on work. As a leader in the corporate world, she is a believer in productivity. However, productivity according to her is multifaceted. First, she points out that ideal policies are critical to any productive company. A company must design policies that encourage people to work hard and more importantly motivate them. Second, Isabel dos Santos understands the importance of remuneration in the corporate space. Her speeches in different forums have pointed out the importance of good pay in the competitive corporate space. She believes that well-remunerated employees are more productive — compared to employees under the minimum wage.

Finally, she is part of different charity events in Africa and around the world. According to Isabel, taking part in philanthropy is one of her best contributions to humanity and more importantly to a better world. In Angola for example, she is one of the highest contributors to medical charity events. In the last three years, she has invested a lot of her resources on funding Malaria eradication projects. These programs assist Isabel to reach more people. In a recent feature on BBC, she was identified as one of the few women in Africa, redefining charity in the medical niche.

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