How Nicolas Krafft Has Contributed to the Growth of Europe’s Fashion Industry

One of the constant themes in the world of fashion in the last 24 months has been inclusivity. Inclusivity as a concept has been evident in L’Oréal events, especially in the recent Paris event. The vice manager of L’Oréal believes that inclusivity as a concept should be more amplified in fashion shows across the world. Nicolas Krafft is certain that the efforts the company has put in the fashion world help in starting the conversation in the fashion world. The conversation is especially in designing and distributing pieces that accommodate all people. In addition to the event having one of the best themes in the world of fashion, it attracted all type of industry players.

The last year’s event also gave seasoned designers as well as newbies a chance to display their different fashion pieces. According to Nicolas Krafft, giving designers an opportunity is one of the main reasons the organization has been keen on organizing such events. In this setting, the company had invited different investors in the world of fashion, and it was a perfect chance for designers to get funding of their different projects. Giving people opportunities has been part of Krafft leadership together with ensuring the company is consistent with the global fashion trends. Consistency with trends is one of the reasons why the 2019 fashion show is expected to be bigger and more vibrant.

The University of St. Gallen graduate has been keen on making the event more than fashion and investment chances to fashion designers. Through hard work and strict adherence to strong work ethics, the event has been able to attract celebrities and famous people across Europe. Pundits have pointed out that event is currently one of the most attended events in Europe as far as fashion is concerned. Thanks to Nicolas Krafft efforts in this industry, major movie stars have graced this event and in return giving the designers more limelight.

On top of being one of the major managers in the fashion industry, he is also one of the most established individuals in the world of business. Nicolas Krafft has been able to make a perfect balance between the two industries without compromising his dedication to any of the industries.

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