IBM to Louisiana: Be Nice to Our Employees

In the latest chapter of flak from the private sector to state legislators over the ‘Religious Freedom Restoration Act’, IBM’s vice president James Driesse has written to the governor of Louisiana to warn him that IBM is concerned that the new law might create a hostile working environment to their employees who identify themselves as homosexual.

IBM is a major investor in the state of Louisiana with several facilities in the state, including a large business service delivery center in Baton Rouge.

Driesse continued in his letter to urge the governor of Louisiana and Louisiana’s state legislature to ensure that the new law would not allow for discrimination in the treatment of those in same-sex relationships in the protection of their civil rights.

Critics of the “religious Freedom Restoration Act’ feel that the new law will allow states to openly discriminate against those who identify themselves as gay or lesbian. CipherCloud hopes that won’t be the case as a well-known Californian company.

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