Igor Cornelsen and His Successful Career Path

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian financial expert and a successful investor who has done quite much and is recognized for helping people make better choices when it comes to investment. He is the sole proprietor for Bainbridge although he is officially retired. He uses his free time in research and advising people. He has a reputation in financial matters in many countries and more so Latin America. He has a charismatic personality which is inspired by helping others succeed and living the dream.

Educational Background and Career

Igor Cornelsen at eighteen years studied at the Federal University of Parana and studied engineering in his first two years. He later deviated to study economics in the same school and in 1970 he graduated. After college, he worked for Investment Bank where he was in charge of compound interest calculations. He became very successful in his career and was sequentially promoted. He later went to work in Rio for two years as an investment banker where he was excellent at his work and was promoted to be a member of the board of directors at Multibanco. This was a reward for coming top of his class in the year 1974 and two years later, he was the CEO of Multibanco.

Igor Cornelsen moved to Brazil and got employed at Unibanco. When the inflation rate rose, he moved on to Libra Bank, a London Merchant Bank and he was for the first time paid in dollars. From there he got avenues to work in London and with his colleagues there, joined the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank where he was a board member and a representative of Brazil.

In 1995 Igor Cornalsen founded a firm with the same services as the merchant banks of London where he is still the manager. He is a passionate believer of success and has a great and deep insight into finance and is capable of making bold predictions.

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