Interview with consultant and entrepreneur Luke Lazarus

An article from details an interview with a startup consultant named Luke Lazarus who is based out of Melbourne, Australia. Throughout his career, it is said that he helped out many companies towards their next move, built successful partnerships through business plans, managed growth, and given information to other CEOs in the area. Lazarus knows his role as a consultant as he assists companies to make the right decisions going forward and in finding them the right partners to work with to identify the main issues plaguing them and a plan to fix them. The individual is a graduate of the Melbourne Business School, and he had tremendous success selling four different firms before even turning 33 years of age. The businessman was able to secure his MBA at only 24 years old and now describes that he spends his time working with other blossoming businesses identifying their issues, giving his recommendations, and then pushing them forward rather than backward. Luke Lazarus believes that his main objective and strength as a consultant is identifying the issues of a business or businesses and getting them on track, along with communicating with the leaders of the brand. The consultant makes detailed bullet points of what he does as a consultant and what businesses should put their main focus on. The first is an imperative business plan that can assist anyone and running a story for a product, along with first defining its mission, weakness, and financial perspective. Lazarus has conducted presentations to assist companies with their vision and comes up with a compelling story to products and their brand in general. The individual as a consultant analyzes the market and can project how a product or company will do and give them feedback on what they can do to change that outlook or prediction. The individual does a couple of other things for people and businesses by making deadlines for companies, working on their budget, and laying out a plan that can work. The interview starts off with Lazarus giving a perspective of how he spends his days that consists of waking up bright and early, checking emails, drinking coffee like many, walking his dog, going to the gym for a workout, and lastly working with various companies or just one for some time that can last for weeks or days. The individual details that he writes and jots down notes throughout the day and lists that he brings ideas to life in the next question through making a compelling story for a product or company. He is most excited about what companies can do through social media in the future. Luke Lazarus accepts that his most productive trait as an entrepreneur is recording everything that he does throughout the day to remind himself what he has to do. Some advice he would have told his younger self was to not be so harsh on himself and to be patient and an unpopular opinion that he has is that luck plays a part in success. He recommends to other entrepreneurs for them to believe in themselves and recommends a book called “Start With Why” by author Simon Sinek.


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