Isabel Dos Santos At The Heart Of Women Empowerment

Isabel Dos Santos got into the commercial operations as a 24-year old. The firstborn daughter of Jose dos Santos, Angola’s former president, developed a knack for business and has grown her empire over the years. Her first business venture was in Luanda Island where she set up a restaurant in the late 1990s.

In the subsequent years, she expanded her portfolio as she sought to diversify her investments. She has assets in the energy, finance as well as the media industry. Her ability to aptly strategize her business moves enabled her to grow up the corporate world with ease.

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Não é comum cruzar-me com mulheres em cargos de topo nas administrações de empresas. Muitas vezes sou a única mulher numa sala de reuniões. Podemos mudar esta realidade? Acredito que podemos! Temos de olhar para as nossas empresas e implementar medidas concretas que transformem mentalidades. Como gestora, incentivo desde cedo o empowerment das mulheres, seja na contratação em igual número, na igualdade salarial ou na evolução das suas carreiras. Este é o espírito que incentivo enquanto empresária e que espero ver chegar a todas as empresas do continente africano. Leia mais no meu blogue #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #Mulheres #WomenEmpowerment #Liderança I don’t often come across women in top management positions. I am often the only one in the meeting room. Can we not change this reality? I believe we can! We have to take a good hard look at our companies and implement real actions that will shift mindsets. As a manager, I have nurtured the empowerment of women from very early on, ensuring that hiring numbers are balanced, salaries are equal and that career paths are equally open to both genders. This is the spirit that I embrace as a manager; and the one that I hope to see prospering in all companies on the African continent. Read more in my blog

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Forbes ranked her as the first African woman billionaire in 2013. Her various assets were mostly responsible for the impressive rankings. The success of Isabel Dos Santos in the industry has gone beyond the expectations of most of her peers. This success has not kept her from seeking more ground in the business world. She desires to see more African women follow in her steps.

She has taken part in various business engagements where she brushed shoulders with high-ranking businesspeople. The $1.5 billion takeover of Portuguese Telecom is one of the high-level meetings she has handled. Isabel Dos Santos has also interacted with investors from all walks of life. Such interactions have enabled her to take great strides in her business endeavors.

Isabel Dos Santos has made it a point to empower other ladies. A good number of women empowerment projects have her footprints written all over them. Women in Huila benefit from the strawberry plantations in their area. Appropriate gender reforms may be the answer to the transformation of Africa according to the seasoned entrepreneur.

The ultimate goal of women empowerment is to step up the wealth creation capacity of the continent. She has dedicated most of her time and efforts to bring this vision to life. Isabel Dos Santos is keen on changing the back-seat role that had been designated to women for a very long time now. She believes that it is only a matter of time before the state of the continent changes for the better.

She spent her formative years in London where she attended school. She moved back to Angola with a bid to grow her business scope.


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