Isabel dos Santos on Being Thankful Towards People

Part of the reason for the undeniably large impact Isabel dos Santos has been able to generate throughout the course of her career is simply due to the fact that she is quite convincing as a public figure. The public loves her so much because she presents herself as a real human being. When this is the case, and they can look up to someone not as a God figure but as a person who hopes to create a positive change for those around them, they will be much more likely to support that person’s efforts.

This is definitely what Isabel dos Santos noticed in her daily living. It is what she has based her entire brand upon, and this is largely due to the intense training she received from her father on how to deal with the public in mass. Being a figure that everyone looks up to is often very difficult. Her father knew this better than anyone. One of the most important and lasting lessons he taught Isabel dos Santos is that some people are simply not going to like you. There really is not a whole lot that can be done about this, unfortunately, but he did teach her how to ignore all of the criticism that would inevitably come her way.

Something that Isabel dos Santos encourages new entrepreneurs who start to garner a following to be prepared for is all the backlash that will certainly come from the public no matter what you do to please them. While, for Isabel dos Santos, there has been an even larger community of people that have been supporting her throughout the course of career, she knows that not everyone will be as lucky as she is in this regard. However, despite that, she is eternally thankful for her fans that allow her to continually pursue that which she is passionate about. Even her naysayers she thanks, for if it were not for them, she might not have been able to analyze her life critically enough to get to the place she is today. For everyone who has ever had an impact upon her life, she is thankful.

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