Isabel dos Santos on Creating Positive Changes

Isabel dos Santos has been trying to change the state of the world for a long time, but it is only recently that she has been successful in her attempts to do so. Her successes are brought about so seamlessly because she has an extensive history within the field of business and interacting with the various factors regarding it is not difficult for her.

Everything about business comes to Isabel dos Santos quite naturally, and it is for this reason that she manages to move through life so swiftly. She believes that the best way to grow as human beings is to make sure that we are looking forward. When we think about what our next step might be, we are at our best, as this is when we are developing strategies to interact with the future. The future, to Isabel dos Santos, is important only because it is soon to be the present. Such is its nature, and she wishes more people had a good grasp about what this really means for the world. Isabel dos Santos believes that there are too many people who fear what is to come instead of embracing it.

Throughout her career in Angolan business, if she has learned anything, it is that there is nothing worse than underestimating the capabilities of somebody just because they do not fall into line with what you personally believe, and it is for this reason that she thinks people need to be more accepting of others’ viewpoints in general; unfortunately, this is a lot to ask of some people, and for this reason, it is unlikely that we will ever reach a state as a world where everyone is focused on development. She has known this for the majority of her life, and even though this is the case, it has not been able to stop her from doing everything she can to stop the world from devolving into what she knows it is capable of. She hopes to counteract this seemingly inevitable process by making changes that are good for the current state of the world.

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