Isabel dos Santos on Human Progression

Isabel dos Santos believes in equal opportunity for people, and it is for this reason that she does not understand why there are so many figures in international business today who seem to not care about the state of the lives of the people around them. She has always thought that life is the most precious part about this planet, and as human beings who are capable of seeing this, Isabel dos Santos believes it is our responsibility to preserve it in any way that we can. So far, her efforts have been astronomically helpful even when you consider the grand scheme of things. The whole of human history cannot be summarized too easily, but it is needless to say that it has been defined by struggle and hardship. This is something that she wants to work towards changing, and because of all the progressions she has made within her efforts to do so, many people are starting to think that she might really be onto something.

Of course, it is not easy to predict the success of an idea; if anything, it is entirely impossible. Isabel dos Santos does not claim to possess such abilities, and she never will. In her opinion, the whole of her industry tends to be too conceited in general, and she believes it works towards the detriment of international business rather than in its favor.

This is why she thinks that the most important part of her career is to maintain her ego and keep it from going out of check, as she has seen this happen to so many of her colleagues and it is easy the quickest factor to kill a career. Isabel dos Santos does not want her to die, but even more than that, she does not want to lose her platform of influence. She has always wanted to help the people of the world in any way she could, and it is due to that drive that she has been so successful in her life. Without the human capacity to improve ourselves, we would be mere shells of what we are currently.

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