Isn’t Romantic? Starring Rebel Wilson

 Isn’t It Romantic is a love laughs movie as seen from its title starring Priyanka Chopra, Rebel Wilson, Adan DeVine not to forget Liam Hemsworth. Todd Strauss- Schulson is the known director of the film. The hardworking writers of this particular film include Dana Fox, Erin Cardillo and also Katie Silberman.

The movie was let-off currently in 2019 the month of February by Warner Bros Pictures and its mainly about a lady who is pounded on her head who later finds herself in a world of romantic comedy acting after waking up. The movie’s crew includes Rebel acts as Natalie, Liam Hemsworth as Blake, Adam DeVine as Josh, Priyanka Chopra as Isabella, Betty Gilpin as Whitney, Brandon Scott Jones as Donny, Tom Ellis as Doctor Todd, Jennifer Saunders as Natalie’s mother and finally Big Jay Oakerson as Gary. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

All the actors have their respective roles in the film as follows; Natalie who lives in New York poses as an Australian architect, Blake is a customer and also in love with Natalie, Josh is a best friend to Natalie and also in love with her, Isabella is a yoga ambassador, Whitney as a best friend and also an assistant to Natalie, Donny is a friend and neighbor to Natalie while Jennifer is Natalie’s mum. The good news is that the film will soon be let-out on Netflix.

Natalie, originally known as Rebel Wilson is known to be a writer an actress and not to forget a producer. Rebel Wilson has shown up on a number of films including the Special Broadcasting Service and, in The Wedge, not to forget Bogan Pride which she was the writer, producer and the starring.

Rebel has won a number of awards such as the best actress award among others. In the pitch Perfect film series, Rebel Wilson stared as Fat Amy and this led her to being given several awards. Other films acted by Rebel include Struck by Lightning, A Few Best Men, Bachelorette, What to Expect When You are Expecting and Super Fun Night. Due to her known prowess and talent Rebel won the Teen Choice Award and also the Best Breakthrough Performance award.

Rebel Wilson whose origin is Sydney went to Tara Anglican School for Girls has one brother by the name Ryot and two sisters namely Annaleise and Liberty. Their mum is an expert in the dog handling field. Rebel Wilson says that acting was not her primary choice but Mathematics since she was very good at working with figures. She pursued her bachelor’s degrees both in Laws and Art at the University of south wales. Rebel later on decided to venture in to the acting career.

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