Jamie Garcia Dias, The Trendsetter For The World of Literary Arts!

Jamie Garcia Dias, an acclaimed author is considered one of the trailblazers in the arena of Brazilian literary works. The journey to becoming a prolific writer started at the age of 15. He was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. His father, Arnaldo Dias is also an accomplished author and he was responsible for inspiring Jamie to pursue a literary career. Garcia Dulce Dias is his mother and she is a renowned architect. This author showed so much tenacity at an early age toward the art of writing which helped shape him into becoming a phenomenal author for many to pattern after.

He was a professor at the Carioca Literature Academy in 1993 and was responsible for nurturing and inspiring young Brazilian writers. In 1997, his devotion and intensity toward writing afforded him the opportunity to serve as the vice-president of the Academy. By the age of 30, he had already penned 10 books. It is a total of 20 books to date that have been written by this outstanding decorated literary genius. His passion for writing allowed him to win the distinguished White Crane literary award in 2001. When the Academy celebrated their 100th year anniversary in 2007, Jamie Garcia Dias was appointed the President.

By his introduction of new and innovative ways of learning, it changed the literary world. The students at the Academy are taught how to become more than just average authors, but brilliant ones. The methods and concepts that the enthusiastic writers are exposed to have ignited the same type of passion that Jamie Garcia Dias possessed from a child. The authors that attended the Academy have an opportunity to present works that will open the hearts and minds of individuals that may not be regular readers. Through a program that the Academy sponsors, he has assisted the students in finding suitable employment once they have graduated. The book titled, Caiu de Ce’u or Fell From Heaven, became one of the most popular books that he wrote.

In 2013, he was given the opportunity to publish narratives from a journal for the Jornal’ do Brazil. This journal titled, Wise, The Journal of Brazil, was dedicated to his father, Arnaldo Diaz. This honored his father’s legacy and efforts he put forth teaching Jamie. The literary contribution received many accolades, which opened the opportunity for Jamie Garcia Dias to write for the Jornal’ de Brazil on a consistent basis.

Tiny, Canal and Clouds are the titles some of the books that have been penned by this renowned author. There are numerous of his books that have received various awards. Jamie Garcia Diaz has enriched the lives of many readers through his distinguished talent for storytelling.

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