Jason Colodne: Entertainment + Business = Success

Whether a person is trying to succeed in the financial or entertainment industry, there is little doubt it will take hard work, persistence, and a willingness to do what it takes to stand out from competitors. However, since both of these career options are vastly different, few people attempt to succeed in both industries. However, Jason Colodne has beaten the odds and become well-known and successful in financial services as well as entertainment. In doing so, he has given others wanting to do the same plenty of food for thought.

While it can be difficult to succeed in different careers, Jason Colodne has shown that by taking the skill set one possesses and building upon it, incredible achievements can be made. Upon graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, he immediately went to work in the financial services industry. Working for such respected firms as Morgan Stanley and many others over the years, Jason has been able to take what he learns at each company and use it to make his performance at the new position that much better. Along the way, he also learned enough to decide he wanted to start his own business. See more at imdb.com

In 2009, Jason Colodne made the decision that would change his life. By becoming the managing partner and co-founder of Colbeck Capital Management, Jason had made a decision that would eventually steer his life in an entirely new direction. In being his own boss, he was able to not only utilize the talents and abilities learned in college and at other jobs, but also discover many new skills and abilities that had been dormant. As a result, Jason has not only made Colbeck Capital Management into one of the world’s leading financial investment firms, but has also made a name for himself in Hollywood.

Always fascinated by movies, Jason Colodne wanted to know what it was like to create and produce movies. Thus, rather than sit back and only wish he could accomplish this goal, he set out to make it a reality. By seeking out those in Hollywood who could help him realize his dream, he has been able to produce a variety of action-adventure movies, all of which have performed very well at the box office. Whether fans were lining up to watch Brick Mansions, Earth to Echo, Act of Valor, or leading man Harrison Ford in Paranoia, Jason Colodne’s name is now recognized by movie fans as well as many of today’s best actors and actresses.

While it sounds as if he has little if any free time, Jason Colodne still manages to find enough time in his busy schedule to work with several charitable groups. Whether it is the Centurion Foundation or the Children’s Tumor Foundation, Jason is regularly doing everything he can to improve the lives of others. Whether serving on a committee, giving a speech before potential supporters of a charity, or simply listening to the concerns of others, Jason Colodne is combining entertainment and business into a successful career.

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