Jeff Yastine: Kennedy Accounts Are A Great Opportunity

In his recent video that has gone viral Jeff Yastine speaks of a unique investment opportunity which he has labeled Kennedy Accounts. Anytime that an individual, even one as respected as Jeff Yastine, speaks of a unique investment opportunity that promises significant returns in record amounts of time it is normal to be suspicious. These Kennedy Accounts, however, are simply return given by Jeff Yastine to a specific type of investment that was first implemented it during the Kennedy administration in the 1960s. As a result of slowed American economic growth and rising unemployment Pres. John F. Kennedy realized that he needed to enact legislation in an effort to stimulate the American economy. Follow Jeff on Twitter.

John F. Kennedy realized that in order to stimulate the American economy he would need to increase the overall involvement of mainstream Americans in the US stock market. Kennedy enacted a new tax plan that allowed a new method of investment referred to as Direct Stock Purchase Plans or DSPP. Direct Stock Purchase Plans are allowed due to IRS code 852. According to IRS code 852, any company that qualifies is able to sell stock directly to consumers utilizing Direct Stock Purchase Plans. There are two primary benefits of investing with Direct Stock Purchase Plans. First, by investing directly in the company itself, you are able to eliminate the middleman associated with investment through a stockbroker. Typically whenever you purchase a stock a fee, known as a commission, to the stockbroker. These commissions represent one of the most significant costs associated with a conventional investment. It is obvious that by eliminating the fees associated with investing through a stockbroker, you are able to create larger returns by investing with the direct stock purchase plan. In addition to the elimination of fees associated with investment through Direct Stock Purchase Plans in many cases companies that participate in DSPPs will sell their stock at a discount. In many cases, this discount is up to 5% from the typical market value of the stock.


Jeff Yastine first gained notoriety through his work as a correspondent for PBS publication The Nightly Business Report. Jeff Yastine originally went to school at the University of Florida where he majored in journalism and since graduation has worked in the world of financial journalism for his entire career. Throughout the course of his career, he has had the opportunity to speak directly with some of the most respected individuals of the financial industry including Warren Buffett and Steve Forbes. View Jeff’s profile on Linkedin.

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