Jeremy Goldstein Continues His Work for Fountain House

People like Jeremy Goldstein live two completely different lives. On one hand, Jeremy Goldstein is a corporate attorney with a specialty in executive compensation and mergers and acquisitions. Legal 500 and the Chambers USA Guide called Goldstein a top compensation lawyer in the country.

He holds one degree from Cornell University, another degree from the University of Chicago, and earned his Juris Doctor from the New York University School of Law. After passing the bar, he began working at a prominent law firm that specializes in mergers and acquisitions. While learning all he could, he began noticing how most lawyers used the same approach with clients.

At years went by, he noticed executive compensation consulting firms breaking into independent entities and wondered if he could do the same with an entire law firm. After establishing his law firm, he began using a different approach with his clients.

For a start, he chose his clients carefully rather than pursue the highest paydays. He understood the importance of his reputation, so he focused more on making his clients feel important. Most lawyers maintained a professional distance from their clients, but Jeremy Goldstein developed close relationships with his. He believed that getting to know his clients would allow him to serve their needs.

This strategy quickly proved effective as his firm became profitable within the first five years, quicker than most firms the size of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC. When he’s not working with clients, he’s traveling the region giving speeches about executive compensation and corporate governance.

On the other hand, Jeremy Goldstein is also an advocate for the mental illness community. People with mental illness often get the short end of the stick and are alienated for “having problems.” Goldstein started working with Fountain House after finding out how many people in this world will have to deal with mental illness at least once in their lifetime.

Fountain House has been advocating for those with mental illness for more than 70 years. The organization recently held a worldwide conference, in which, over 300 mental health professions attended to discuss the global approach needed to resolve this epidemic.

Though epidemic may sound exaggerated, the World Health Organization estimates that 25 percent of people will experience mental health issues, and not nearly enough will seek help. Fountain House held the conference to share its model of helping those with mental illness from acknowledgment to rejoining their communities.


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