Jeremy Goldstein’s Role In Providing Solutions For Mental Illness

Jeremy Goldstein, a New York-based attorney, has parlayed his talents to find a variety of solutions for multiple topics. This man has an extended educational background in business and law. Goldstein was able to attain a J.D. from New York University School of Law. In addition to that, he would graduate with the highest of honor by earning a B.A. cum laude from Cornel University. He has a specialty in corporate-governance matters in which he uses this knowledge while working at his own law firm. This firm is known as Jeremy. L. Goldstein & Associates.


Executive compensation is another sector of business that Goldstein has supreme knowledge in. This extraordinary man basically advises other entities on their career goals, objectives and future growth. Compensation committees, CEOs and management teams have all followed the guidance of this New York-based lawyer. Goldstein has also worked with some of the largest transactions and largest companies of the past decade. This includes:


  • P. Morgan Chase


  • Merck


  • Bank One


  • AT&T Corporation


  • Bank of America


  • South African Breweries


  • Goldman Sachs


  • Verizon Wireless


  • And many others



Jeremy Goldstein is an avid supporter for fighting mental illness in all of its shapes and forms. Mental illness affects hundreds of millions of people across the board, and there isn’t a single ethnic group that’s immune to these issues. It is estimated that over 450 million people suffer from some kind of mental disability. On the other hand, Goldstein serves on the Board of Directors for a special organization in New York. This organization houses up to 500 individuals who struggle with mental illness. Fountain House is dedicated to the teaching and training of mental-illness sufferers.


Fountain House just so a happens to be nonprofit, and it relies on the funding of others. Jeremy Goldstein does a great job of bringing in capital via win dinners. He’s been doing this for a number of years, and he has accomplished his goals while helping others.


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