Jim Tananbaum’s Achievements in HealthCare Business

Jim Tananbaum has attained many achievements in the healthcare business. In a series – A round of financing, Mindstrong Health, a startup neurological health business raised $ 14 million from investors including the Foresite Capital. The fund was meant to help improve the neuropsychiatric treatment and diagnosis.

Jim Tananbaum was featured in Wired.com because of the speech he made at the Mindstrong release. During the release, he stated that Mindstrong Health team had introduced an incredible knowledge and understanding of the challenges the community encounters when taking care of mental disorder patients. He added that the solutions provided would improve the activities of taking care of cognitive health disorder patients.

Jim appreciated the support of other CEOs who invested in the funding and stated that their leadership skills and support would significantly benefit the mental disorder patients as their treatment and caring activities had been modernized.

Mindstrong founder and CEO, Paul Dagum in the release, said that mental disorder patients need the same measures as diabetes and heart disease patients already have. The diagnosis platform introduced by Mindstrong measures the brain function using the patient’s patterns of scrolling and typing on a smartphone. It then provides data including memory, function, processing speed and the patient’s mood.

Jim Tananbaum is the founder and CEO of Foresite Capital, a healthcare firm under the health sector. The company is found in San Francisco and another office in New York. Jim has over 20 years of experience in the health sector with investments in more than 20 successful healthcare companies. He graduated with an M.D from Harvard Medical School. He also graduated from Harvard Business School with an MBA and was an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Yale University.

Before graduating from Harvard medical school, Jim Tananbaum founded GelTex Pharmaceuticals and was the founder and CEO of Theravance, Inc. He has worked with 21 healthcare companies such as Amira and Jazz pharmaceuticals. His company provides growth capital to healthcare activities. Jim Tananbaum uses any chance he gets to improve the healthcare business and express his leadership skills. Visit the website: officialjimtananbaum.com


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