José Auriemo Neto of JHSF in New York City

José Auriemo Neto was recently spotted in New York City with his wife and children. Reportedly, they are slated to spend the next six months here. But why? Allegedly, it is to keep track of the recent JHSF investment project near Central Park in Manhattan. His children are even enrolled in school in the city, so the six month move is likely one that has been planned for awhile. Additionally, part of José Auriemo Neto’s strategy about this investment building was revealed as a result of this move. The building is five stories and was a historic reconstruction of a building in the area. Inside, however, tenants are only allowed to rent the apartments, they are not allowed to purchase them. According to several sources, this is because the profitability for renters is greater than it is for a single sale. Additionally, these apartments all feature service that is akin to a five star hotel, which is a pretty nice bonus. But who is José Auriemo Neto and what is JHSF anyhow?

José Auriemo Neto is the chairman of the board of directors of the Brazilian real estate acquisition and development firm, JHSF. This group has been involved in developments all over Brazil, as well as world wide. JHSF is currently one of the biggest companies of this variety operating not only in Brazil, but all of South America. Additionally, the company is currently 1.2 billion Brazilian Reals, with an annual profit of approximately 380 million Brazilian Reals. JHSF focuses more on higher end developments, such as shopping malls with designer stores, airports, and luxury hotels and apartments. Some of their notable projects, other than the New York City development is several luxury condominiums in Punta Del Este in Uruguay, which is a huge tourist location. In Brazil, they also built the Parque Cidade Jardim, which is a massive development. It houses a full, high end shopping mall, as well as several residential towers, a hotel, and offices. The mall part has a courtyard on nearly every floor that is completely filled with plants. This was an architectural undertaking to say the least.

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