Keith Mann Funds Scholarship Program for Brooklyn Charter Schools

Keith Mann truly knows talented business professionals when he meets them. More than just recognizing their talents and skills, he helps place them in employment positions in which they can be very effective. Keith Mann’s Dynamic Search Partner has helped companies in need of strong executive search support for many years. Now, Keith Mann is turning some of his attention towards the hardworking seniors at local Brooklyn Charter Schools.

Mann has teamed up with the Brooklyn-based Uncommon Schools charter institutions to provide an opportunity for graduating seniors to receive scholarship funds. Applying for the scholarship requires crafting an essay on very targeted subject. The applicants must write on the topic of how acquiring a college degree will help them with achieving their career goals. The topic is rather broad, and this allows the students to write an appropriate answer in the manner that best gets across their personal goals.

Business Wire has issued a press release about this scholarship. The news should draw quite a bit of attention towards Uncommon Schools and the talented students who attend.

Keith Mann has roughly 15 years in the executive search industry. During that time, he has helped jobseekers and businesses alike. Mann also has a great deal of knowledge about the business and financial world. He was once involved heavily with hedge funds. In addition to his interests in the business world, Keith Mann is a dedicated philanthropist. His love for philanthropy comes through with his desire to help the students at Uncommon Schools.

Those students who are awarded the scholarship will be given $5,000 in funding. That is a significant amount of money, and should cover a tremendous amount of costs associated with attending college. For some students, a scholarship is of paramount importance in terms of being able to budget for college.

Students may apply for the scholarship until February 26, 2016. In March, the winners will be announced. One senior from each of the Brooklyn Uncommon Schools locations is to be awarded the scholarship. Soon, those talented seniors are going to be named.

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