Laerte Codonho Has Built His Brand

Operating a successful business is a continuous act, because you have to be able to pay attention to it constantly. Capitalism is about companies battling it out to be the top company in the world, the city, or the town, as this is the state of the Brazilian soda industry of which Laerte Codonho is a member of, having founded Dolly diet sodas (Noticiasr7). 


The master marketer has navigated the conflict surrounding this brand successfully because his marketing skills help to publicize a major issue in the field. Dolly diet soda became a major competitor to Coca-Cola in the process. Codonho’s main product is Dolly Guarana, which is a soda type that comes from the guarana fruit, which an immense business in Brazil in recent times. Guarana started being used in soda, in 1905 while being processed into a syrup for this purpose. 


Guarana soda was popular in many other countries. Codonho is notable for the way he has purposefully built his business, in the way he has to fend off detractors from what he’s created for his company. Laerte Codonho´s Dolly Guarana holds a 10% market share in Brazil’s domestic soft drink market, because its share of the coveted São Paulo market is 30%. 


The businessman is an expert marketer who knows how to market his product by using the slogan “Dolly: for those who are not afraid to change…for the better,” which was coupled by a national push to educated consumers for the high standards in place throughout the company.  Dollynho is part of the marketing company, an anthropomorphic container of soda that has gained recognition across Brazil as well as the world. The mascot is used not only in conversation, but as a meme. Dolly has been in business since 1987.


The Guarana plant is known for being somewhat astringent however, although the company worked hard to achieve its share of stock. By now, the company has many promotional initiatives as the company has to compete with Coca-Cola, as well as the general global economy, while needing to combat the negative messages aimed at Mr. Codonho’s business. 

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