Locationsmart Gives Businesses a Smarter Way to Operate

In today’s day and age, the capability to efficiently manage mobile devices and electronic interfaces is paramount when attempting to operate a successful business. This demand for efficiency is a strong influence for developers of consumer applications. Today businesses need a better way to manage things such as location insights, access controls, transaction verification, device profiling, and fraud prevention. Fortunately, LocationSmart provides business owners with all of these services through a cloud-based approach that operates through an API platform. Their technology grants its customers real-time location insights for all forms of electronic devices. Whether it be smartphones, laptops, tablets, LocationSmart’s services apply to almost every form of connected devices around the planet.


Responsible for the industries’ most complex form of location as a service, LocationSmart is by far the biggest LaaS company in the world. The company offers location intelligence for businesses relying on mobile engagement services through devices that are connected to both customers and employees alike. With a wide range of clients, from Fortune 500 companies to everyday start-ups, LocationSmart is considered to be one of the leaders in the cloud location services market for connected devices. A claim that is backed by the most comprehensive cross-carrier platform’s in the industry. Satisfying a range of needs and delivering on the promise of the farthest reach available in today’s market.


The expansion of both IP location and IP intelligence is essential when ensuring the prevention of online fraud. LocationSmarts IP based insights grant businesses information on the location of a device and whether it uses anonymous, proxies or hosting facilities. This service greatly increases a companies ability to both detect and prevent fraudulent activity before it’s too late. As a result, this increases the confidence customers have in that business’s ability to protect their private information. Overall improving the relationship and trust between the client and its respected customers.


It is safe to say that the role connected devices play in today’s business world is indisputable. LocationSmart offers access to real-time location data, a crucial necessity when establishing a successful company. Geo-targeted advertising, Copyright protection, management of traffic and network security, and I-gaming regulation compliance, are just some of the many services that LS offers. Making good use of the benefits that have come from technological advancements in asset tracking. Today’s level of connectivity almost sounds like something out of science fiction novel. However, LocationSmart is proof that regardless of how farfetched it may appear, the services they provide are a vital part of success for many businesses around the globe.


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