Lori Senecal: A Pioneer in Advertising and Marketing

Lori Senecal is the CEO of CP+B and is known for her creative risk taking. Since leading the company the revenue has increased over 21%. Under her leadership, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese removed artificial ingredients from its recipe but delayed advertising it until millions of boxes were sold. After this they disclosed the recipe change and gained billions of free media impressions from it. She was instrumental in the application Letgo exceeding 45 million downloads. The company also allowed users to link their NBA 2K profiles to their Fitbits under her watch. Ad Week also adds that she also helped BMW reinvent their ultimate driving machine advertising campaign.


Lori Senecal is highly respected in the advertising and marketing industry. She has worldwide credibility and thrives on innovation. She is the youngest of four girls. She completed her degree at McGill University. She was the driving force behind successful advertising campaigns for Coke and Xbox. Lori can also fluently speak French. She is responsible for growing the company to over 800 employees. Her love for business started in high school. She has a passion for gymnastics and coached the sport in high school and college. She wanted to compete but was too tall. She credits coaching with helping her to become successful in business. One of her secrets to success in advertising is learning everything about the business before taking them on as a client. She feels that the future is bright for advertising and that the internet will be key for continued growth. She was inspired by the late Steve Jobs. Lori has worked with major companies worldwide. Her extensive resume is why she was chosen above many other top candidates to lead such a prestigious advertising agency. She feels that a great marketing campaign is key to a company’s success. Lori feels that any business big or small can benefit from a marketing campaign.


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