Luke Lazarus, a Startup Consultant with a Golden Touch on Business Matters

Do you operate a small startup business or have any plan to establish one? The general statistics of the success of business currently is a bit shocking.

The estimates indicate that approximately 90 % of the startups have a higher probability of fail within the initial stages of operation. These are shocking news for any entrepreneurship enthusiasts. The gloomy predictions indicate a low rate of job growth in many countries.

However, there are still those who maneuver the challenges and start a chain of successful businesses. Some entrepreneurs are ready to prove their potential and ability in running a business.

They are a rare specimen with a golden touch, and finally, they become great success stories. Such individuals design a personal brand and create wealth and riches. Luke Lazarus is a good example.

Luke Lazarus is a serial entrepreneur working as a startup consultant. He was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. He ventured in the world of business at eight years of age and launched his first business. Lazarus was a smart and brilliant child who excelled in both academic and co-curricular activities.

After high school, Luke Lazarus posted excellent results that got the attention of most prestigious universities and colleges. He received scholarship offers from Ivy League schools and US colleges.

Surprisingly, Luke Lazarus declined all offers and chose to remain in Melbourne. He joined Melbourne Business School and earned an MBA. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO and Luke Lazarus | Business

Ten years after his graduation, Luke created four companies and grew them to higher standards. They became highly successful, but he never felt satisfied. Later on, Lazarus sold them and made a good sum of money. At 35, he had attained financial freedom and stability. Despite the wealth and riches that he acquired in entrepreneurship, he had a feeling that he needed more than money, and this is what led him to sell his companies and quit entrepreneurship altogether.

He then invested his time to coach fledgling business owners struggling with many challenges for which he had the best solutions. He chose to be a startup consultant and designed new strategies. Luke Lazarus had exemplary performance in business. He has aided many companies in achieving great success, turning them into multi-million dollar corporations.

Luke has made an incredible reputation when it comes to straight-shooting with harsh and strict directness. However, this barely won him a fortune. According to Luke, quality is mandatory in the current highly competitive business world.

Luke Lazarus is currently a startup consultant who major in helping new and small upcoming businesses achieve their financial goals. His offices are in Melbourne, Australia and have a vast experience spanning more than 20 years, which includes designing business plans and managing growth and development of businesses.

Among the various things that Luke Lazarus addresses are identification, definition, as well as handling critical issues that can lead to either fail or success of a business.

He studied at Melbourne business school and acquired an MBA at 24 years. At 35, he had attained financial freedom and had more than enough to spend.


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