Luke Lazarus Advice on Startups

Lazarus is a startup consultant by profession. He has been performing his professional duties mostly at the South Eastern region of Australia. He pursued his studies at the Melbourne Business School.

Luke Lazarus always starts his day by meditating on various issues. This moment of meditation, which takes only a couple of minutes, is very precious to him since it helps relieve him of stress and also freshen up his mind.

He then goes ahead and conducts a check up on his emails as he writes down the list of activities that he is supposed to attend to during the day. After all that, he heads to the gym as he believes that keeping fit very much important, especially to a person’s health.

He ensures that he attends the gym daily without fail. Luke Lazarus has made a habit of noting most of the things down, and this enables him to be orderly and well organized.

Luke Lazarus clearly states that any brand or product with a synonymous storyline will always experience a successful market introduction. The success behind every establishment of a new product is coming up with a good story.

Luke advice most entrepreneurs- to always be keen to recognize the various consumer needs, especially those not yet been satisfied. After spotting a need, then go ahead and come up with a product that will fully satisfy the consumers need. This way, it will be very easy to introduce the product to the targeted buyers. Read more: Luke Lazarus – and  Luke Lazarus| Medium

Luke further adds that most of the ideas that he as brought to life, mostly emanate from the daily challenges that he faces. He takes every challenge that he comes across as an opportunity to bring up an idea to life. When faced with a problem, Luke always makes sure that he develops a solution to that problem and that particular solution will also help other people to solve similar problems.

Luke Lazarus reveals that most consumers today expect and emotional connectivity in almost all the products and activities they do. Nowadays, quality is not good enough to ensure high sales of a product.

The product must also have a way of impacting on the consumer’s feelings. Luke advice the young people not to worry so much about life. He terms worries as destructors of life goals and objectives.

Lazarus is a successful entrepreneur and bases his faith in his own success. He has learned to build sufficient confidence, even when dealing with various types of startups. He finally advises readers to check on a book by Simon Sinek, “Start With by”. The book gives a clear way in which human behavior can be influenced.

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